Entrepreneurs Tell How They Do It at Rules of Disruption Events

Illustrating its commitment to innovating relentlessly, Vonage recently partnered with Inc. Magazine to host a series of networking events for Vonage customers and business leaders to meet and share best practices on how to grow their companies in the current business landscape. The series, aptly titled The Rules of Disruption, took place in three key U.S. markets – New York, Dallas and Denver – highlighting local entrepreneurs who discussed how innovation and disruption in their fields helped them find success in the business world.

Skillshare Starts Strong in New York

Mike Karnjanaprakorn, CEO of Skillshare, a New York-based online learning community, provided attendees at the downtown New York City event with unique insight into how he navigated the crowded education space. He shared the ups and downs of building a startup company and how he fostered his innovative idea to build Skillshare into one of today’s leading providers of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) education.

J. Hilburn Differentiates in Dallas

Known for its history as the center of the cotton industry, Dallas has its fair share of deep-rooted apparel companies. To crack that market, a business owner would need to rely on a unique approach to disrupt the traditional clothing landscape. When The Rules of Disruption hit Dallas, Veeral Rathod, co-founder of local clothing company, J. Hillburn, addressed the audience of local business leaders about the challenges and benefits of launching a startup company. He also gave insight into how his company found its footing – and success – in a hyper competitive marketplace “In order to continue to stay ahead, we have to understand what we do and how we will continue to differentiate ourselves,” noted Mr. Rathod. Since its founding in 2007, J. Hilburn has challenged the custom menswear market by removing the traditional brick-and-mortar retail model and employing a direct-to-consumer concept, enabling higher quality fabric and clothing at lower prices.

Skratch Labs Sets Its Own Rules in Denver

The third and final installment of The Rules of Disruption took place in Denver and featured Dr. Allen Lim, founder of performance food manufacturer Skratch Labs. Dr. Lim discussed how his company’s unique corporate culture and mission of changing the way people take care of themselves and their families helped to make his business successful. As Lim explained, “Every company has the opportunity to make its own rules. What has made my business successful is not only our ability to offer a unique product and market it well, but to foster a culture that inspires its employees to be a part of a community, a team.”

Get More Insights: The Rules of Disruption

Vonage’s Rules of Disruption series of thought leadership events are aimed at highlighting innovation in the business world, mirroring Vonage’s own innovative and disruptive approach to business communications. For more stories of business leaders who are using new technologies and strategies to disrupt their industries and grow their businesses, visit www.inc.com/vonage.

Written by Vonage Staff

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