Focussing for Success

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud"

"You worry about those fighters! I'll worry about the tower!!"

Any ideas on the quote? Well, it's from Star Wars (the original first one from 1977) and it sums up the basic tennant of a team doing its job to the best of its ability - each member doing the bit he is supposed to do for the plan to work.

Luke is on his final attack run and Wedge is worried about the tower shooting at them. If you remember, Wedge is supposed to be covering Luke's back as they streak towards the exhaust port they need to hit with torpedoes. And as we all know, the Death Star ends up in a million different pieces burning up in the atmosphere of Yavin 4.

So what has that got to do with call and contact centres?

Businesses need contact centres, but generally this isn’t a core competence for them. In fact, most businesses don’t have the expertise, personnel or resources to guarantee resilient, high availability, secure, top-performing call centre systems.

Or, if they do, it is an expensive burden on the business.

But at the same time, you can’t afford missed or failed calls or, worse, security breaches or hardware failures. Outsourcing it all to NewVoiceMedia makes business sense. We provide peace of mind because we are dedicated to nothing but contact centre technology. We have a team of people who focus exclusively on monitoring our systems and keeping them safe and all of our hardware is duplicated for redundancy and reliability.

So we focus on making sure your contact centre is set up to deliver what you need and you can focus on making your business work.

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Tim Pickard
Tim Pickard

Tim joined NewVoiceMedia in July 2011 with over 20 years' experience as a leader in the IT industry. He served as VP and board member of RSA Security's international business for seven years where he ran marketing in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Japan. He spent two years as Chief Marketing Officer for SaaS/Cloud-based email management provider Mimecast.

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