Friday Feature: Multiple Outbound CLID

This post is part of our Friday Feature series where we look at a part of the NewVoiceMedia platform that you might not be familiar with but we think you might find useful!

One of the exciting things we hear from customers is that because they have moved their contact centre technology into the cloud, they can be more creative about where their agents are physically located.

In an on-premise world they might have chosen to have contact centres in individual countries to deal with local issues, whereas now they can flow calls around their global customer service network dependent on who is the best person to solve that customer's problem.

As a result of this we see quite a bit of contact centre consolidation, where 15 global contact centres might become 3 regional hubs. In each of these hubs you can recruit local staff that have the language skills for each of your target countries. This can be helpful in cost control and improving the overall experience for your customers when they call you.

However, what happens when you call your customers? If you have a contact centre in the UK looking after your European clients then you'll want to display a local presence when you call into France for example. Displaying +44 on the number you call from doesn't look very 'local'!

Let your agents choose the number

The answer is to set up multiple outbound CLID's and give your agents the choice of which number they are calling from. Multi-lingual agents may be calling a UK customer, then a Dutch customer, then a French customer - and they can toggle between which number to display.

The advantage for your customer is that they see a local number presented to them which encourages them to answer and reflects well on your brand. And even more so, if the customer misses the call and wants to call back, they will be calling a local number that routes straight back into your call plan.

Other use cases for multiple outbound CLID might be where you have agents supporting multiple product types that have different support numbers and inbound queues. Or perhaps you have agents who support standard customers as well as a premium customer line. Or perhaps you are an outsourcer providing support to multiple customers with unique inbound requirements.

Wherever you give your customers multiple choices to call in to you, consider giving your agents multiple ways of calling out to them. It prevents you having to create separate teams that decrease efficiencies in your workforce scheduling programme.

Do you give your agents multiple numbers to call out from? What other use cases have you seen? We'd love to hear your comments below.

We hope this post has been useful. For more information on how ContactWorld can improve your customer's experience when they call you visit ContactWorld on our website.
Written by Vonage Staff

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