Friday Feature: Whispers

This post is part of our Friday Feature series where we look at a part of the NewVoiceMedia platform that you might not be familiar with but we think you might find useful!

One of the phrases you'll hear a lot around the NewVoiceMedia offices is 'caller personalisation'. If you think about when you visit a website like Amazon you'll see "Welcome Mrs Thomson!" and "We think you would like these!" It's a highly personal experience from a website transacting millions of orders a day.

But when you call into a contact centre you don't tend to experience 'caller personalisation'. Whether you are lifetime high value customer, or someone dialling a wrong number you tend to get the same treatment.

Whispers can help even small contact centres with a limited team deliver an element of caller personalisation by answering different types of callers in a different way.

Simply, a whisper is a recorded message played to the agent before the call is connected. Examples might be:

  • "Sales Call"
  • "Premier Customer"
  • "French Call"
  • "Existing Support Case"
  • "Partner Call"

As an agent if you knew the type of caller on the end of the phone before you were connected then you could answer in a different way and be prepared for what their request might be.

  • Multi-lingual agents can answer in the appropriate language.
  • Premier support clients are welcomed to the "premier support team"
  • Existing support cases could be asked "Are you calling about your existing support case?"

These are tiny differences that can set a call off on the right tone for your customer, and the same agent could be answering all of these calls.

You get the benefit of improved customer experience, without having to carve up your agents into discrete teams that reduce your agent productivity metrics.

Do you use whispers in your call plan? How have you implemented them to improve caller satisfaction?

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Written by Vonage Staff

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