Happy National Telework Week!

National Telework Week occurs from March 5-9th this year, and as always we are proud to participate.

As you may know, we have participated in teleworking and telecommuting initiatives in the past - even securing the PACE Telework Catalyst Award in 2011 for our company-wide teleworking program which saved over 115,000 vehicle miles annually and increased worker productivity by an average of 78 minutes per day. We also supported telework legislation and spoke at the Clean Air Campaign’s Telework Summit in support of this growing workplace trend.

Not only does our company employ an internal teleworking program--allowing each employee to work from home a minimum of once a week--we also are proud to offer the technology that supports the products and services designed to enable mobility while retaining full business continuity and visibility.

In honor of this year's National Telework Week we have dedicated a blog series (one entry per day) to describe in detail how a few of our products and features can help enable your mobility, position you to reduce pollution and take pride in your efforts toward a greener environment.

Visit our blog every day this week to learn more about how you can leverage your features in effort to celebrate National Telework Week.

Are there other ways your business contributes to a greener planet? We would love to hear your tips and stories!

Written by Vonage Staff

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