Now Offering New Polycom and Cisco Phones

We have added two new phones to our line of business-class desk and cordless phones for offices and organizations. Check out the Cisco 514G or the Polycom SoundPoint 560.

Both phones are fully supported with our service and arrive at your office fully provisioned. All new Vocalocity features are automatically pushed to these professional desk phones, and with large LCD displays and intuitive touch-panel functionality, you'll be up and running with a host of easy-to-use VoIP features in no time.

Cisco 514G

  • Excellent mid-level phone for frequent callers
  • Four lines
  • Two ethernet ports
  • Supports up to two expansion modules

Polycom SoundPoint 560

  • Executive-level phone for CEOs, office owners and account administrators
  • Four lines
  • Dual port, gigabit ethernet switch
  • HD Voice technology

If you want to upgrade your existing phones or have questions about getting a new phone for your office, call one of our helpful VoIP representatives today at %tfn.number%.

Written by Vonage Staff

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