Why Partying at Dreamforce is a Better Way to Get Closer to Your Customers

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Dreamforce is the ultimate SaaS nerd party. We LOVE Dreamforce parties. And they serve two purposes. The first – to have fun – is obvious. We all want the opportunity to cut loose and relax while hanging out with likeminded individuals.

The second – to improve customer relationships – is less obvious but equally important. Dreamforce offers companies a meetup. Thousands of companies, their prospects and existing customers, come together, set-up meetings and strike new deals. Sales pros hit the phones and blast out emails to target accounts hoping to generate more pipeline for their company. And while some of us might be quick to delete an uninspired, “Hey, do you want a meeting at Dreamforce,” email. All of us maintain a twinge of excitement for the, “COME TO OUR PARTY!” notifications.

Dreamforce parties are good for business for these three reasons:

  • Parties break the ice.

Introductions can be awkward and uncomfortable. We all have our elevator pitches planned, but spewing them out robotically on the expo floor doesn’t always land the leads. Parties help people dance into conversations. They lubricate the dialogue so that introductions are more fluid, fun and real.

  • Parties provide no-pressure scenarios to learn more about what your customers like/dislike.

One of the biggest sales killers is the context of “being sold to.” When we feel a sales pitch coming, most of us instinctively throw up a guard. It’s not that the product isn’t a good fit, or relevant to our business; it’s that we don’t like the pressure associated with it. In party mode, people talk freely. There is less “sales pressure” and you can quickly uncover your prospects’ likes, dislikes, needs and wants without them shutting down.

  • Parties animate your brand.
Parties help personify your brand. Everyone wants their brand associated with fun and whimsical, but unless you can showcase that excitement, you’ll never truly be the hip, cool business. Parties create memories (mostly good ones), and those memories become a positive association for your brand.

This year, NewVoiceMedia is throwing an awesome rager with free drinks, free entry, Olympic ping pong athletes and a Forest Gump impersonator.

The party will be co-sponsored by MapAnything and Skuid – trust me when I say these guys know how to party! Also, we’ll have some opportunities to donate to Light The Night Walk, a charity for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Want to join? Register here!


Chris Bucholtz
Chris Bucholtz

Chris Bucholtz, director of content marketing at NewVoiceMedia, spent 15 years as a technology journalist, covering CRM, customer service and telecommunications among his many beats. He was the founding editor of InsideCRM and has managed marketing content for SugarCRM, Aplicor, Relayware and CallidusCloud. This year will be Chris’ 11th Dreamforce.

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