The Three Biggest Takeaways from Dreamforce

Picture the Giant’s stadium AT&T Park at capacity – 41,503 people. Multiply that by four, and then add a couple thousand more. That would be the population of Dreamforce. The downside of that is that the lines for Starbucks are quite a bit longer than usual. The upside is that participants in the conference (like NewVoiceMedia) have access to more ideas, viewpoints, and insights than ever.

We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do the same thing we’re always trying to: better understand the industry so that we (and you) can serve customers even better.

To that end, we developed a survey specially designed to give us a deeper insight into what Dreamforce is really about, and what it means for our customers in the industry. We asked people about their background, their Salesforce usage and what they’re excited about in the industry, so even if you couldn’t make the conference, you can still glean some insights from it.

Here are the three most interesting findings from our survey:

  1. Salesforce really isn’t just for sales, and sales success is about more than one department

When we asked our respondents which departments from their company were represented at the event, sales wasn’t the only answer. In fact, it wasn’t even the top answer! Both customer service and customer success outstripped “sales” in answer to our question, and marketing was heavily represented as well.

  1. It’s all about being “smart” and “connected”

We asked people which topics at Dreamforce they were most interested in learning about, and the top three answers were analytics (57 percent), connected devices (33 percent) and gamification (eight percent.) So analytics and connected devices were far and away the highest in people’s minds...which is probably a pretty strong indication of what we can expect from the industry as a whole. It looks like the future of sales (and service) will be a lot more informed, and a lot more mobile. (We couldn’t be more excited to be included in this news.)

  1. Dreamforce can show you the future

The number one reason that respondents chose to attend the conference was to gain insight into future Salesforce innovation. That means that more than an opportunity for self-advancement or shopping for new tools, people value Dreamforce as a sneak peek into where the market is heading. Pretty valuable information if you ask us, and part of the reason we’re so excited to share our own insights.

Whether or not you made it to the event this year, Salesforce’s Dreamforce is a great opportunity to get your bearings in the industry and really take a close look at where the market is heading. That’s why we’ll be first in line next year, ready to take it all in.

Take a look at our photos from last week to continue your Dreamforce education or relive some of the best bits!
Nicola Brookes
Nicola Brookes

Nicola is RVP Corporate Communications at NewVoiceMedia. She will mostly blog about customer service, industry news, events and company updates. Follow Nicola on Twitter at

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