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Last weekend, account executive Andrew Crowe successfully completed the 26.2-mile Brighton Marathon for Cancer Research UK – crossing the finish line in four hours 21 minutes. And there will be more aching legs on Monday at NewVoiceMedia, as Matthew Durrant and Justin Wheatley tackle Sunday’s London Marathon, making the most of our matched funding scheme to raise money for the causes most important to them.

I caught up with them to find out about their training progress and goals, and discovered they’re no stranger to the London Marathon, each having completed it once before. Software developer Matthew (pictured above), who is running for Cancer Research UK, said, “This is my first attempt at distance running in a few years due to an injury, but I’m looking forward to it, and have raised over £600 so far. With NewVoiceMedia’s matched funding scheme, the total will be doubled”.

Matthew aims to complete the course in less than four hours. “Last time, I made it in four hours 10 minutes. I’ve been running as often I can to prepare – at lunchtimes, weekends… and for up to 20 miles at a time”.

So what’s next? “I’d love to do an Ironman (triathlon), but let’s see how I feel after Sunday!”

Billing operations manager Justin is raising money for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. He explained, “I ran last year’s London Marathon for the same charity, following the loss of my mother to lung cancer. So far this year I’ve raised nearly £700 and am aiming to reach £900, which NewVoiceMedia will then double”.

There’s only One Direction for Justin, who is determined to beat last year’s time of five hours five minutes, and a playlist of questionable pop classics will be on hand to ensure he ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. (It would be unkind to reveal details). “My first goal is to improve my time, and my second – to not be overtaken by Postman Pat and a mankini-wearing Borat again”.

Justin (pictured centre) plans to run the Windsor Half Marathon in September, as well another three half marathons over the course of the year. I asked him what tips he has for anyone competing this year. “Definitely get your training in – the long runs are key.

“And keep your play lists up to date”, he adds… with ‘Glee’.

We’d like to wish Justin and Matthew lots of luck in their heroic efforts! And congratulations to Andrew, who has our unwavering admiration.

Visit Matthew and Justin’s fundraising pages to sponsor them and find out how they get on.

Find out more about NewVoiceMedia’s GivingVoice Foundation.

Nicola Brookes
Nicola Brookes

Nicola is RVP Corporate Communications at NewVoiceMedia. She will mostly blog about customer service, industry news, events and company updates. Follow Nicola on Twitter at

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