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The Beginners Guide to VoIP

A simple guide on VoIP.

PART 3.4:

Does VoIP affect your internet speed?

VoIP is a way of communicating that changed how we used the phone. Here is a simple guide on how to use VoIP and why it's better than a traditional phone.

VoIP and internet speed

VoIP and internet speed

The speed of your connection is very important. It affects the way you work and can even be the difference between closing a deal and making a sale or missing out. So, it's not surprising you need to ask ‘does VoIP affect internet speed?' It all depends on your broadband connection. If you have a very fast connection then VoIP won't affect it too much.

In fact, talking on a VoIP call for an hour uses less bandwidth than surfing the net for an hour so it won't affect your bandwidth too badly. It also uses far less bandwidth than downloading files. If you're running a slow connection, then it may be an issue. VoIP uses the same amount of data most of the time (unless you're sending various forms of data together), so it really depends on the width of the channel. So, does VoIP use a lot of bandwidth? If you really need to know, speak to your provider. But in general you should be fine.