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The Beginners Guide to VoIP

VoIP is a new way of communicating that's changing how we use the phone.

PART 3.2:

How do I use VoIP on my mobile phone?

Here's a clear and easy guide on using VoIP, why it's better than your existing phone system and what you can and can't do.

VoIP on your mobile phone

How to use VoIP on your mobile phone

Look around online and there are plenty of questions on forums like 'how to use VoIP on android' and 'how to use VoIP on iPhone'. It's clearly an issue that causes confusion. The simple answer is that you can, if you have the right app and VoIP provider. How does VoIP mobile work? Well, in a similar way to regular VoIP, it routes your calls through the internet rather than a phone connection, so you will need to have a package in place to make and receive calls.