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The Beginners Guide to VoIP

Questions answered about VoIP in this simple guide.

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Can VoIP calls be traced or tapped?

VoIP is a new way of communicating that's changing how we use the phone. Here is a clear and easy guide on using VoIP, why it's better than your existing system and exactly what you can and can't do.

VoIP calls and security

VoIP calls and security

Can VoIP phones be tapped? Can VoIP be traced? In this day and age, these kinds of security questions are important to ask. With the media full of phone hacking scandals and more and more online crime, making sure our phone lines are secure is more important than ever. Using a VoIP phone, your data is being transferred over the net, so you might be wondering can VoIP calls be monitored?

While denial-of-service (DOS) attacks and data attacks can interrupt VoIP service, they are rare and you are no more at threat than just by being online. Good VoIP providers will also ensure you network is fitted with the very best security measures to keep all your data and information safe.