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Learn how Bizprof make international calls at competitive rates

Case Study

Bizprof Ltd is a company that specialises in consulting services pinpointing areas and improving aspects of an organisation that need attention. The majority of their customers are based in Germany, therefore they need a reliable way to communicate with them beyond email and that does not entail the heavy price tag of travelling back and forth. Phones offer businesses the next best option to being there in person, however finding the right solution is not always easy.

Bizprof Ltd - Small Business Case Study
Michael Heinrich, director of Bizprof, a company that provides company formations and company secretarial services, explains how Vonage makes it easy to serve his German customers. Michael has found that Vonage provides a reliable service with which he can call German mobile numbers from the UK at no extra cost. He is also able to move the location of his office easily by taking the Vonage Box with him. Michael has never called customer services as his experience with Vonage has been so straightforward.

Bizprof Ltd - Small Business Case Study Video Transcript

My name is Michael Heinrich. I'm Director of Bizprof Limited, a company that does company formations and company secretarial services mostly for German customers. Obviously being able to talk to my German customers is very important to my business, and it is very important for me to have a reliable way of calling German telephone numbers from the UK.

I did a comparison with many other companies. Obviously with BT and some mobile operators as well that were offering promising rates, but I selected Vonage and I basically liked their flat rate services to about 30 countries in Europe. I also like that recently they have included calls to German mobile phone numbers in the flat rate as well.

I've moved my offices quite a bit, and every time the Vonage box just travelled with me. There were no lines to be drilled, no sockets to be installed. It is just one additional box that goes in the back of your internet router and you're up and running. You don't need any specific Voice over IP phone. I could use the old equipment that I had, and just plug it into the Vonage box as if I were to plug it into a wall outlet. You can have multiple phones ring simultaneously, and the first one you pick up would actually pick up the call. Way back when you had to pay for Caller ID, and you had to pay for Call Forwarding and all these services that Vonage just includes at no additional cost.

For me it was also very important to have a number that is assigned to a London area code. German customers associate the UK with London, and that's the area code that they recognise. Having been a customer for almost 10 years, I think Vonage is 90% perfect. I don't think I've ever called Vonage customer service because everything is very self-explanatory. Vonage just does what they say on the tin - international calls at a very, very competitive rate.

Problem - Expensive packages and unreliable services

When Dr. Michael Heinrich, Director at Bizprof Ltd, started the business he needed two things: a London area code number and an inexpensive way to call Germany. Michael looked at various fixed line providers and mobile operators, who did offer competitive rates, but ultimately decided upon Vonage. First of all, Vonage provides businesses with the choice of a London-based number, regardless of their location. Michael states that "German customers associate the UK with London and that's the area code that they recognise." He also recognised the value in Vonage's World Plan which includes unlimited rates to over 60 countries globally, including about 30 European ones. More importantly, Michael continues, "Vonage also recently included unlimited rate calls to German mobiles, which is very valuable service for us."

Solution - Vonage boxes installed

Waiting for a phone line can be tedious, and when you are a business waiting 2 weeks for an additional phone line to be installed can cost your business money. When your business moves around, like Michael's has, you need a simple to install solution. The Vonage box, a phone adapter that connects to your existing broadband internet connection to provide you with Vonage telephone service for up to two phone numbers, travels with you. Michael stated, "All I needed was the Vonage box, which goes in the back of your broadband router and you're up and running."

With Vonage, customers only need a broadband connection and their regular home phone. All you need to do is simply plug your Vonage box into the broadband router and your phone and you can use your phone as normal.

"You can have multiple phones ring simultaneously and the first one you answer would pick up the call. Back in the day you had to pay for caller ID or call forwarding or all the additional services that Vonage includes in your package at no additional cost," continues Michael.

Results – A flexible service with competitive rates

Ensuring businesses deliver results is something that Michael does for a living, therefore he needs a telephony solution that works, so he can be consistently in contact with his customers. Michael concludes, "Having been a customer for almost ten years, I think Vonage is 90% perfect. I can't remember ever calling customer service because everything is really self-explanatory. It does what it says on the tin: it allows you to make international calls at very competitive rates."

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