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Hear how Campbell Ashton saves up to £250 per year with Vonage

Case Study

Campbell Ashton

London-based start-up Campbell Ashton Investigations is a private investigation agency with a dynamic and highly professional approach. The company provides services to both private and corporate clients, helping them conduct necessary surveillance, anti-fraud and tracking activity in sensitive situations.

The problem – constant alternation between smartphones and landlines

As a company that needs to build a trusting relationship with clients, Campbell Ashton Investigations really needs to present a professional appearance to business callers. With much of the work taking place off-site, staff switch between using smartphones and landlines all the time, so they were looking for a service that would allow them to include both phone types on a single bill. As a start-up in an uncertain business environment, the company also wanted to avoid being tied into a lengthy, fixed-term contract or falling victim to unexpectedly high costs. After looking at a number of vendors including BT and TalkTalk, Campbell Ashton Investigations decided to choose Vonage for its range of services and flexibility.

Solution – Vonage Extensions for smartphone usage

Campbell Ashton Investigations was able to fulfil all its telephony needs with Vonage – particularly when it comes to maintaining the professionalism of its customer services and sales. Call quality has improved and agents have been able to respond to customer service and sales calls much more rapidly now that clients can reach them wherever they are.

Business calls can be made from the office or whilst travelling: Vonage allows users to make calls from a landline over their broadband connection, while the Vonage Extensions packages allows them to make VoIP calls from a smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection. The company uses its Vonage package to make calls to numbers within the UK, with the added flexibility of being able to make occasional international calls when needed.

Results – Significant financial savings and never missing a call

Campbell Ashton Investigations have found that Vonage is a marked contrast to their previous solution, saving them between £100 and £250 per year. Alexander Pulley, Director of Campbell Ashton Investigations says: "We were a new start that relied upon our mobile phones. Vonage allowed us to receive calls on a pre-selected landline number offered by Vonage which we could take via desk phones or have the call routed out to our smartphones if the office was unattended. This ensured that we never missed a call and potential business."

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