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Learn how Darimedia benefits from a second line from Vonage

Case Study


Darimedia is a business founded by Yemi Daramola, established to promote and exhibit movies of colour to a global audience. It comprises of a production, consultancy and distribution arm.

Darimedia also launched the London International Black Film Festival, which was set up in accordance with the primary ethos of the company in exhibiting movies of colour to audiences around the world starting with London. The next phase for Darimedia is film distribution, which they have embarked upon with their first film.

Problem - separating business calls from personal calls

Like many small-scale businesses, Yemi operates Darimedia out of his flat. As a result, the business faces the challenge of appearing professional to current and future clients. Coupling this with separating business from personal calls, and this became a constant battle. Yemi required a second and – more importantly – a business phone line in his home to combat these issues.

Another problem Yemi faced was when he received an email from the bank detailing a voicemail they had left him. "I realised that I had been receiving business calls, but had no way of knowing whether they had left any message or how many business calls I had been receiving."

Solution – a Vonage second phone line

After extensive research into telecommunications providers, Yemi came across Vonage. "I wanted a simple and effective telephone system, one that I would not be paying for features and services that I don't - and would not - require. Based on these requirements, I set about researching most, if not all, the telecoms providers, and Vonage for me came up trumps for price, simplicity and especially efficiency."

Yemi chose the Vonage ‘Premium' plan, which gave him a dedicated second phone line at home, offering the opportunity to separate business calls from personal calls.

Vonage's friendly and competent customer service team was able to talk him through the process of how to operate the voice message service. Yemi is now able to access his voice-mail without any hassle.

Results – an efficient system of a home-based business

Yemi has been able to benefit from a dedicated business line without any unnecessary add-ons, all in the comfort of his own home.

Noting the quality of the Vonage service, he says: "I have been surprisingly impressed. I did not expect that the line would be so clear and the price affordable."

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