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See how Immersive 3D Solutions saved by switching to Vonage

Case Study

Immersive 3d Solutions

Immersive 3D Solutions Limited, a virtual reality company, specialises in allowing users to virtually walk through stores. A few years ago, the company's director, Gary Snyder, came across Vonage as Voice over IP was becoming more popular. The company was looking for a phone solution that aligned with its plan for international expansion.

Immersive 3D Solutions - Small Business Case Study
Gary Snyder of Immersive 3D Solutions shares how he has been using Vonage to grow his business internationally. Virtual numbers and low rates save his business money, and Vonage Extensions also allows Gary to answer calls on his mobile. Find out more about how Vonage can be an affordable and flexible solution for your small business.

Immersive 3D Solutions - Small Business Case Study Video Transcript

My name's Gary Snyder, I'm with Immersive 3D Solutions. We are a virtual reality company. It provides an immersive 3D solution where we allow the customer, from the comfort of their own home, to visually walk through any establishment. In this case, we're in one of our customer's facilities today, which is Jaffe & Neale located in Chipping Norton, in Oxfordshire.

My background is emerging technologies. And six, seven years ago, VoIP was just beginning to take off, and I came across Vonage. I do calls, not only domestically, but internationally as well. And I was looking for an inexpensive plan that would control my cost, and Vonage met that absolutely. Their system is just terrific. It's a flat rate that I can depend on, so if you do call internationally, you can call and speak as much as you want. And at the present time there are 30 to 40 countries that are included in that plan at incredibly low rates.

I also have virtual numbers that are used for my family that live in the States, as well as anyone else that I'm dealing with. It's very simple. You literally go on your dashboard, where you control your access to your Vonage account. And for £2.50 a month, you buy a virtual number in whatever country you want to provide easy access. So in the case of, let's say in The States. You would pick a number in Washington, D.C., and you give that to any colleagues, family, friends. And they call that number locally, and it rings to your number in the UK, or wherever you happen to be in the world.

Another service I use from Vonage is Extensions. With Extensions, as long as I have Wi-Fi connectivity, my Vonage numbers travel with me. So, whenever anyone calls me, my mobile rings, and the same is true when I call out. As long as I have connectivity, I have my calling plan available to me on my mobile phone.

Two additional services that really I could not live without that Vonage offers, that some of the other companies charge for is, one is Caller Display. I use that all the time, so I know who's calling me, so I'm prepared. The other is Visual Voice Mail, which is terrific. So if someone leaves a voicemail for me, I immediately get an SMS or text message saying what the voice mail was. And I can actually play the .wav file. So I can actually play back the audio as well. I've recommended Vonage to a number of people, and I've explained what it's all about, that it isn't black magic. You just plug your ordinary phone into the Vonage unit, and that's it. So I have cordless phones throughout the home, you would know no difference. I mean anybody coming to my home has no concept they're using a Vonage line, because it's just a phone. Simple as that. It is a no- brainier, plug and play solution.

With Immersive 3D Solutions, the goal is actually to take this international. So, obviously doing that, I need to make sure I partner with a company that can provide international service and support for any potential franchises. And Vonage is a great partner for any company that wants to really move their organisation, their operation to the next level.

Problem – Expensive packages for international calls

Immersive 3D Solutions had one goal: to expand the business internationally. With this in mind, Gary wanted to make sure that the different offices and franchises had an effective and efficient way of communicating with each other. Therefore, he set out to find a communication partner that could provide international services and support in the most cost-effective way.

"As a company that makes both national and international calls," says Gary Snyder, "we were looking for an economical phone plan that would control costs. Vonage is a great partner for any company that really wants to move their organisation to the next level."

Solution – Affordable plans with convenient features

Vonage call plans are perfect for the international caller or small business looking to expand abroad; it offers unlimited calling to over 60 countries for one flat rate. More importantly, through the Vonage Extensions app, Vonage customers can access their voice plan from their very own smartphone, meaning you can travel with Vonage anywhere in the world as long as you have WiFi.

Vonage offers over 26 free features that are available on all of its call plans; this includes caller display and voicemail to text function. Gary recently commented, "I love Visual Voicemail, which immediately notifies me via text [or email] when someone leaves me a voicemail. I can either read a transcript of the voicemail or play back the audio file." This is the perfect feature when you are travelling and want to listen to that message your client or partner left you.

Finally, a feature that Gary uses frequently, and that can be a real asset for small international businesses, is Vonage's virtual number feature. Gary states, "I use virtual numbers for my family that live in the States as well as anyone else I'm dealing with for business. It's so simple to use and for £2.50 a month, you buy a virtual number in the country of your choice." Having a local number, even when you don't have a physical in-country presence, means that family or work contacts call locally, thus also avoiding the hefty price of calling internationally.

Results – A reliable, seamless service

For many small businesses, finding the right communications partner is not always easy, particularly when they are looking to keep costs down and expand internationally. For Gary, choosing "Vonage is a no-brainer, plug and play solution that I've recommended to a number of people, explaining that it's so simple, all you have to do is plug your regular phone into the Vonage unit and it's set up."

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