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Case Study

Indigo Dingo

Indigo Dingo is a "rare beast" in the moving image, digital communications space. The creative agency has been producing films and branded content for brands such as Honda, Red Bull and The Guardian since 2008. But even though their creative juices were flowing, their communications were not.

Indigo Dingo - Small Business Case Study
Find out how moving image digital communications agency Indigo Dingo drastically reduced their business phone line costs with Vonage. Frustrated at their expensive landline phone setup which included costs for line rental, calls, additional services like caller display and third party least cost routing bolt-ons, Indigo Dingo switched to Vonage following a personal recommendation and a great experience with the Vonage customer services team. They now use three crystal-clear Vonage numbers for which they pay nothing in line rental. With Vonage, they enjoy significantly lower call rates and can make use of a range of free services like caller display, ring back and visual voicemail. What's more, their Vonage solution also made it easier for Indigo Dingo to seamlessly connect with their freelance partners in every corner of the globe, and enabled them to monitor these calls via the Vonage online interface.Find out more about how Vonage can be an affordable and flexible solution for your small business

Indigo Dingo - Small Business Case Study Video Transcript

Indigo Dingo is a moving image digital communications agency. Essentially we produce films and branded content for largely big brands like Honda, Red Bull, and The Guardian. Although we're right on the edge of Oxford, until very recently we had a flaky snail paced broadband connection. Now however we're in the enviable position of having an ultra reliable, ultra fast Gigaclear fibre optic connection, and that's allowed us to address all manner of IT and communications issues, pretty much the first of which was our telephone set up.

Previously we had two BT landlines for which we were forking out two lots of line rental every month, plus calls, plus additional services like caller display, plus additional third party lease cost routed bolt-ons. It was all getting a bit unwieldy. We opted for Vonage partly because of personal recommendation, but also I have to say I was massively impressed by the friendliness of their customer services department.

So we cancelled our BT landlines. Which indecently used to crackle when it rained, and we replaced those with three crystal clear Vonage numbers. All running off the same single fibre line, and for which we pay zero line rental, which is nice. And we enjoy significantly lower call rates. We get tons of services thrown in for free like caller display, ring back, and my personal favourite visual voice mail. Which sends me, as an email or a text, a transcript and an audio file of any messages we receive. So wherever I am on Earth, I know if we've had a message.

I set our three lines up in less than ten minutes, and we even got to keep our box standard digital cordless phones. You know who needs an expensive switchboard system any longer. We can just keep adding Vonage boxes, and if we decide we don't want all those lines in the future we can just cancel them, because Vonage doesn't tie you into a long-term contract.

The film industry is largely centred on London. So it was quite refreshing to be able to choose a central London geographical number for our third line. Meanwhile our existing BT Oxford numbers were ported over seamlessly. It was all refreshingly painless, I have to say.

If you work with best in breed freelance talent, as we do, it's absolutely vital that you can facilitate remote working, and Vonage allows us to transfer phone calls to Sydney or San Francisco as if those people were right across the hall. And further more we can monitor those calls via the excellent, I have to say, on line interface.

You know as a media organisation communication is our lifeblood, and Vonage offers us endless flexibility at an affordable and quantifiable monthly cost without the need for being tied into a long-term contract. It's a no brainier really.

Problem – Pricey package and flaky service.

The agency had an expensive package, which included line rental for two BT lines, call packages, additional services like caller display and various third party add-ons. In addition, because of their location on the edge of Oxford, they had to deal with a flaky snail-paced BT broadband service and BT copper lines that used to crackle when it rained.

Solution – A new fibre line & Vonage boxes installed.

They replaced the BT copper lines with 3 crystal clear Vonage numbers all running simultaneously off the single fibre line, for which they pay no line rental.

Paul Wightman, Creative Director at Indigo Dingo says, "The film and television industry is largely centred on London, so the option to choose a central London geographical number for the third line was also a bonus and as for our existing BT numbers, Vonage ported those over seamlessly free of charge. It was all refreshingly painless."

Since the agency works with a lot of freelancers, it was vital that they facilitate remote working and Vonage allows them to smoothly transfer calls to Sydney or San Francisco. They can also send a UK number Vonage box to their freelancers around the world and any calls they make or receive are charged at UK rates on Indigo Dingo's account.

Results – A flexible, reliable service.

Indigo Dingo now enjoys significantly lower call rates, with other services such as caller display, ring back and Visual Voice Mail included for free. They can now keep adding new Vonage boxes because of the large capacity of a single fibre line and they also get to keep their existing digital cordless phones.

Paul states, "As a media organisation, communication is our lifeblood and Vonage offers us endless flexibility at an affordable and quantifiable monthly cost without being tied into a long term contract. It's a no brainer really."

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