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Learn how My Itchy Dog never misses a call with Vonage

Case Study

My Itchy Dog

In 2009, Kate Bendix, a BBC producer specialising in food and science-based programmes, set up My Itchy Dog to sell effective remedies, healthy treats, and supplements to pet owners like herself whose pets were tormented by skin conditions. After all, dogs can have allergies too and when they do they scratch, bite, and claw at their itchy skin, making themselves – and their frustrated owners – miserable.

Problem – Sky-high telephony costs

When Kate first started her business, she was running it out of her own home. To make sure that house calls were not confused with her incoming business calls, Kate set up a dedicated second line at home with Vonage. Soon enough though, the orders were piling in and Kate decided to move to a congenial workspace that she now shares with other business owners.

At first the workspace was reluctant and did not allow for Kate to use her Vonage box; connecting to the main Ethernet hub in a shared space is not always easy. She had no choice but to give up Vonage and opted for a combination of a 0845 number, Voipfone and her mobile. The 0845 number put customers off and the Voipfone solution had terrible reception, meaning she resorted to her mobile phone most of the time. Telephony costs were simply getting out of control.

Solution – Vonage box installed in shared workspace

After some further discussions with her congenial workspace counterparts, Kate was able to go back to using Vonage by showing them how simple the set up was and how it would not interfere with their own business.

Results – A flexible service and never missing a call

Kate is now able to take calls when in the office and if she needs to step out for meetings she can have her Vonage calls forwarded to her mobile. Best of all, prospective customers are not put off by having an 0845 number on the website.

She is delighted with the Vonage service, stating, "I never have to miss a phone call so I've not missed out on any business." Kate also went on to say that, "the service is seamless whether in the office or using my mobile." Since joining Vonage, she has even encouraged her two co-workers to use the service, so that they too can save on telephony costs.

Small businesses need a flexible service that can adapt to the business owners needs and Vonage provides an ideal solution for an office based small business or an additional line for the home based enterprise.

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