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Learn how Vonage made life simple for Nobody on Fire

Case Study

Nobody on Fire

Nobody on Fire is a web development company based in Sheffield who have been using Vonage since 2007. They deliver successful online marketing campaigns, helping people to work collaboratively and putting clients in control.

Nobody on Fire - Small Business Case Study
Nobody on Fire is a web development company who use Vonage to keep the same phone, and same number, while working out of different locations.

Nobody on Fire - Small Business Case Study Video Transcript

I'm Mina. I'm a freelance web developer, and Nobody On Fire is my business. Most of my clients are voluntary sector, arts organisations, charitable groups and it's quite collaborative. So I have some work with teams of people spread out all over the country.

So I guess like a lot of people, my business starts at home, in the corner of my bedroom, and it was actually there that I decided I needed a landline. It's a bit difficult to work out where people are when things are done over the internet. But as soon as you get a landline, specific to a city, I think it just helps create the impression that you're real people at a real location.

We did compare Vonage with another voice over IP provider, but we had problems trying to get our firewall to allow incoming and outgoing calls. Vonage is really, really easy to set up. You get a little black box. It's got an Ethernet cable on it. You plug that into your Ethernet socket, and you plug a phone in, power it up, and you're off. And the Vonage box just actually upgrades itself over the internet. It's a kind of killer app for us, really. The fact that our phone line can be taken with us wherever we move without all the upheaval of changing hardware and landlines is perfect. And it enables us to work from home or onsite with clients or here at Electric Works in a hot desk and space where we have a slide, a helter-skelter as well, which I think was a big selling point.

I think Vonage is really cheap. We pay about £7 a month* for both the basic service and bundled UK landline calls, and I think that's amazing. I have given Vonage five Stars on feedback, and I have recommended Vonage to friends. It's really good.

* Prices correct at time of video recording

Problem - Phone line needed for new business

Nobody on Fire co-founder Mina Nielsen started the business as a freelancer in his bedroom, and needed a dedicated landline as a priority, rather than using his mobile. He considered Virgin and Skype, interested in the idea of an internet phone. But it was Vonage that proved ideal for the business - with hardware that was easy to configure and made life simple.

Solution - Vonage business phone line

Mina couldn't be happier with Vonage, explaining "It does what it says on the tin. I regularly recommend it to my friends and contacts who are looking for a reliable phone service, as it's ideal as a business line."

"Another plus is the customer service; we've only needed their help once but both they and the technical support team were attentive and helpful."

Results – Easy to use, flexible service

Nobody on Fire soon moved out of the bedroom and into an office, where the service again impressed. They took advantage of its flexibility and used the same phone, and same number, while working out of a different location. Mina concludes, "Vonage is a fantastic service, which enables us to easily get on and work hard at our business."

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