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Case Study

Tech Teach

Simon Fox-Jones is the founder of TechTeach Communications, a Huddersfield business providing technology solutions to offices, from phones to computer screens – "if the customer can see it, we supply it."

The problem - so many VoIP providers, so few real options

Ten years ago, Simon was looking for a VoIP solution that would be cost-effective and flexible - but he found that many were asking him to pay for more than he needed. He explains, "I was never sure what the other providers were offering. They were evasive; their charges would mysteriously increase with no explanation."

The solution - a service that was simple to understand

Vonage just made sense; it was the straight-talking provider Simon could trust. He says, "I was so happy to find a company I could depend on. They have a clearly defined price structure - and it's really not expensive – and they have a clearly defined call plan so you know up front what you're buying. Unlike some of their competitors, they actually treat you like an adult."

The results - a service so impressive he recommends it to clients

"Vonage really impressed us with its flexibility," he goes on. "When we moved our workshop to a different town, we just unplugged the Vonage box and took the number with us. Easy and simple.

"We're recommending Vonage as standard practice to clients now. It's ideal for small businesses who need that flexibility; if you're up- or downgrading, you just unplug it, walk out and you're still in business. Vonage's strength lies in the fact that it can provide a single line for businesses, fantastic for start-ups, and lines can then be added as they grow."

Simon's favourite feature is 'SimulRing', "It means that all your devices ring at once when you get a call so anyone in the company can pick it up, either in the office or through the mobile app. Say you're a plumber, your calls will come through to your mobile as well as your landline – that's more than you can ask of most phone services," he concludes.

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