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See how Uflourish enjoys monthly savings with Vonage

Case Study


Uflourish Pregnancy and Family fairs are a Sussex-based company that provide regular boutique fairs for parents, alongside an array of inspiring and informative workshops. Uflourish has grown organically over the last year as demand for their service expanded. Built on communicating important information to parents, Uflourish needed a telephone service to match.

Problem – Costly monthly phone bills

Uflourish have been using Vonage for a little over six months. When they started the business last year, they mostly used their mobile phones to make calls, which was quite expensive. "Before deciding on Vonage, we mostly looked at mobile phone plans when considering telephony services, as it was what we'd used before," says Naomi Newland, one of the founders of Uflourish. Naomi continues "We were looking for an affordable phone plan that would control costs, especially after using our mobile phones to makes calls initially."

Solution – Vonage

"Vonage has been great for our business," says Naomi. "A great feature we found useful is the Visual Voicemail service, which immediately notifies me via email when someone leaves a voicemail. I can either read a transcript of the voicemail or play back the audio file." This is the perfect feature when you are travelling and want to listen to that old message your client or partner left you.

"What's great about Vonage for us is that every time we pick up the phone, we don't have to worry about who we're calling or for how long. We're not going to get a huge monthly bill that we need to manage in terms of budget," says Naomi. "What I love about the Vonage service is the ease of it all. It's easy to both set up and manage and freed us from having to be on our mobiles all the time."

Results – Monthly savings and flexible communications

Uflourish now enjoys flexible communications at affordable rates."It's been an incredibly helpful service, enabling us to grow without having to worry about our overheads, which is a key concern when you're managing a small business with a tight budget. We'd give it five out of five stars and we'd definitely recommend it to our network of family and friends. The customer service has been amazing. They took us through every step of the set up and called me to make sure everything was working. They are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful," concludes Naomi.

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