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Learn how Woven Magic gained an International presence with Vonage

Case Study

Woven Magic

Woven Magic is a manufacturer of home textiles based in New Delhi, India, and with sales offices in both the UK and the US. They have been using Vonage since 2007 when they needed a presence in the UK.

Woven Magic - Small Business Case Study
Woven Magic is a manufacturer of home textiles based in New Delhi, India, and with sales offices in both the UK and the US.

Woven Magic - Small Business Case Study Video Transcript

I'm Suresh Jain, Managing Director of Woven Magic Limited. We are a very small company based in India. We are manufacturers of home textiles, with sales offices in Birmingham, UK, and in California, USA.

Way back in 2004 when we started our business, we were not a UK company, so people were not very comfortable buying from us, and since we wanted to sell in the United Kingdom and Europe, the need came for a British office. And that's when we ordered a Vonage connection which would give us a local Birmingham number, which we could install anywhere in the world - wherever we felt like. So we started running this office virtually from India, and it made a big difference. People were so comfortable dealing with us, no matter where we were based. If we did not have Vonage, we would have set up a full office here and it would have cost us at least £2,000 per month.

It was fairly simple, connect a power supply and the ethernet cable to the modem and it was matter of a few minutes and that was it - the office was up and running. You just pick up the phone and call whatever you number you want, back in India or we can call to our customers in Europe and the US, at no extra cost. It's all included per month on the Vonage connection.

If I need to get my calls forwarded to my India office, I just log in to my Vonage account and select the call forwarding facility, and anyone calling me on my Birmingham number would actually speak to me in my Indian office. And then I have my Vonage connection on my smartphone, so I can be in touch irrespective of which part of the world I am in.

Vonage is the bloodline of the business, and it is helping me operate in three continents, so out of five stars, I would give all five to Vonage.

Problem - need for a UK sales office

Customers in the UK and Europe were not comfortable buying directly from India, and Suresh saw the need for a UK office. He estimated the cost of setting up a full office in Birmingham would cost about £2,000 per month.

Solution - Vonage phone line with a Birmingham number

Suresh ordered a Vonage connection which gave Woven Magic a local Birmingham number, despite running the office virtually from India. The Vonage service could be set up anywhere in the world, wherever Suresh was based, and it took literally a few minutes to get everything set-up and running.

Results - Simple and flexible working

Vonage allows Suresh to operate in three continents. Customers calling on Woven Magic's Birmingham number speak to him wherever he is, whether that be in his Indian office or if he's out, on his smartphone. Suresh can also call India or customers in Europe and the US, all the calls are included in his monthly plan.

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