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Speak to one of our consultants to determine which Vonage plan is best for your based on your needs.

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What is an Internet Phone

An internet phone, also known as a VoIP phone, is a cloud-based phone system that works through your internet connection rather than your landline. A dedicated internet phone for business offers low set-up costs, no contracts, increased flexibility, and your choice of a phone number You can also access your business phone from anywhere, even on the move.

How does an internet phone work?

Dial the number on your VoIP phone as you would a normal phone. Your voice is converted into digital data packets and sent via your internet connection. Your call and voice are received at the far end by the recipient as normal.

  1. Dial the number
  2. Your voice is turned into digital packets
  3. Connect with a system to your destination and convert the data into voice
  4. A similar process occurs in the other direction
How Vonage Works
How To Get Started With Vonage
After activating your Vonage account, you will need to setup your Vonage Box. This video will guide you through the initial setup process.

Features for small businesses

There's no line rental and call costs are a fraction of the a normal landline. Some calls to other VoIP users are even completely free. There are no long contracts and you can even use VoIP phones to make cheap international calls.

  • Auto attendant - calls can be answered immediately and automatically so you don't need a receptionist
  • Choose your own number and look professional - pick a number that best represents you and your geographical location
  • Make and receive calls on your mobile when 3G and 4G are not available - you can receive calls on your mobile using wi-fi so you never miss a call
  • A voicemail to email service is available - all voicemails will be sent to you email so you can check them there


Call Sales

0207 993 9000

  • Calling to UK Landlines
  • Calling to UK Mobiles
  • International Calling
  • Make & Receive Calls on Mobile App
  • 20 Standard Features Included
  • Phone Numbers
  • Delivery Charge
  • Activation Charge

Talk UK

Unlimited* calls to UK landlines

£9.25/month inc VAT
Less Detail
More Detail
More Detail


Unlimited* calls to UK landlines
Unlimited* calls to 5 countries

£12.25/month inc VAT
  • UNLIMITED*UNLIMITED* calling to UK landlines
  • 5p/min*5p/min* to UK mobiles
  • UNLIMITED* to 5 countriesUNLIMITED* international calls to 5 countries
  • FREE mobile app
  • Included20 features included
  • Choice of UK area code & number or
    port your existing number
  • £5.00 delivery charge
  • FREE activation fee
Less Detail
More Detail
More Detail

Add World Option

UNLIMITED* calls to more than 60 countries
Available on all plans

+ £4.50/month inc VAT

Add Unlimited UK Mobiles Option

UNLIMITED* calls to UK mobiles
Only available with Premium plans

+ £2.75/month inc VAT

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