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Call Queue

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Professionally manage your incoming calls.

Call Queue Overview

Call Queues are a "virtual waiting room" offering your callers the option of remaining on the phone while they wait for a representative to answer.* They help businesses manage large call volumes with limited staff. Use directional prompts like Music on Hold, specialty messages and information about your business.

How Call Queue Works

Apply a Call Queue to a specific phone extension and set up the phone queue using the options and messaging prompts that will direct callers to the appropriate agent. Agents are assigned to a phone queue and log in with a PIN. When callers dial in, they're taken through the sequence that you set up in advance until their call is answered by an agent.

Why you will like Call Queue

  • Manage large call volume with limited staff
  • Present an engaging, professional experience for callers
  • Cut down on missed calls and voicemails
  • Customise phone queues with call tags to drive specific inquiries
  • Add a Call Queue to support sales, customer service or tech support
  • Monitor activity and pull reports from the system
  • Promote marketing campaigns within phone queue messaging