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Seven Circles

A digital agency specialized in the custom development of tailor-made platforms.



Seven Circles is a digital agency specialized in the custom development of tailor-made platforms for businesses looking to disrupt the way they do things. Experts in complex process modeling, design thinking, and platform deployment, Seven circles is able to deliver projects in a time record.


Seven Circles tailor-made platforms leverage Vonage's Video API to deliver scalable, comprehensive and secure solutions. It offers a real "digital studio" experience allowing the management of large-scale live events and full control from the validation of guest lists to presentation media. Seven Circles also integrates many features to maximize participant engagement such as the integration of chat or dynamic polls during the conference. It is also possible to automate the upstream and downstream phases of the event thanks to the functions for managing guests, invitations, reminders, and the systematic collection of feedback by sending satisfaction surveys. 


The success of the alliance and the satisfaction of the customers who benefit from these solutions have led Vonage and Seven Circles to deepen their partnership by working on the development of a product called V7C Live which today offers all of these off-the-shelf features in SaaS mode.


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