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Create richer customer experiences by bringing people together globally through live interactive video sessions. The Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok) makes it easy to build a custom video experience within any mobile, web or desktop application and is built on the WebRTC industry standard that is available on billions of devices.
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Personalised experiences

Video provides personal face-to-face interactions that many consumers now expect for consultations, sales processes and customer service. More efficient and meaningful conversations decrease interaction times and increase completion rates and customer satisfaction.
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Contextual communications

Video communication is a single click away, using the context and information already within your mobile and web apps. Use your application knowledge to determine the right time and communication method for each interaction.

Global accessibility

Easily accessible over the internet, easily bringing together the right people in video sessions across countries and devices. Included in all modern browsers, WebRTC allows apps to be accessed using a simple link, with no downloads or plugins.
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Business analytics value

Our embedded APIs allow you to capture every moment of communication between you and your customers, helping you enhance your customer experiences. The Insights API provides access to communications history that can be combined with your application data for deeper analytics.

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Video, screen sharing and broadcast

Support all your video use-cases with 1:1 video consultations or group video chat or large scale broadcasts to thousands. Plugin-free across all modern web browsers plus SDKs for building native iOS, Android, Windows and Linux apps.


Record any session easily, with control over how this is composed and securely delivered to your own storage.

Comprehensive developer experience

Get up-to-speed quickly with our great documentation, tutorials and GitHub sample code plus dashboards, test environments and detailed diagnostic tools.


See project-by-project summaries in our dashboards or drill down into every session, stream, error and quality metric through our Advanced Insights API. Learn more

Security and compliance

Building on our standard always-on encryption and GDPR-compliance capabilities, we offer a very broad range of advanced security, firewall-control, regional isolation and compliance certification options.

End-to-end assistance

We are here to support every stage of your development, deployment and delivery with hands-on technical services and assigned support engineers and service managers through our Enterprise Plan. Learn more

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A Perfect Day: Digital Communications in Healthcare
Today’s healthcare journey no longer begins and ends in a waiting room. Watch how it unfolds over time, where doctors, patients and service providers engage seamlessly using digital communications to create the perfect day.

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