Contact centre features and capabilities you'll love

Explore the full suite of scalable Vonage contact center features. The rich solution set helps with performance management, integrates Salesforce channels, routes your customers intelligently and optimises your team. Together, these comprehensive, integrated capabilities boost your sales and service through conversations and experiences.
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Full Salesforce integration

Salesforce customer data and insights help deliver personal and positive experiences.

Right data at the right time

Customised dashboards provide an instant view of engagement histories.


Quick routing to reach customers on their channels of choice.

Efficiency and the CX

Automated resources create time to address more complex customer concerns.

Performance management

Contact centre gamification Get your game on to motivate and reward employees.
Conversation analyser Dive deeper into the conversation and discover new findings.
Dashboards and reporting Resource the data you need through customised dashboards, wallboards and reports.
Salesforce data storage Integrate with Salesforce to deliver a secure contact centre data storage solution.

Digital channels

Contact centre email management Deliver consistent customer experiences across voice, email, chat, SMS, video and social.
Einstein Analytics Integration Link contact centre data with Einstein Analytics to unlock hidden insights.
LiveAgent capabilities Combine LiveAgent and chatbots, Salesforce channels and voice into a seamless experience.
Omnichannel contact centre Elevate the experience by addressing customer needs on their schedule and preferred platform.
Salesforce chatbot integration Monitor chatbot conversations, identify long wait times and route to the best available agent.
Visual Engagement

Two-way video and screen sharing fully integrated into the contact center


Automatic call distributor Connect calls to the best available agent through skills-based routing, case-owner routing, etc.
Dialler capabilities Enjoy full CTI integration to automate dialling, capture metrics, launch targeted campaigns and more.
Dynamic call routing Leverage Salesforce data to make smart, dynamic routing decisions — and personalise the CX.
Global call plan Manage your call centres from a single point of control to consolidate operations and save time.
Global voice assurance Use the local telephony infrastructure to guarantee call quality and positive customer experiences.
Intelligent IVR capabilities Integrate customer data and Salesforce insights to route calls intelligently.
CONTACT CENTRE AI Help your live agents find the best answers faster with artificial intelligence built specifically for contact centres.
Vonage Cadence

Give your sales and service teams an efficiency boost by configuring outbound communications and automating common steps.

Workforce optimisation

Agent Experience UX Provide teams with the Salesforce tools and insights to help strengthen the agent experience.
Contact centre call recording Record all inbound and outbound contact centre calls for training, issue resolution and more.
Contact centre coaching Conduct on-the-spot coaching or review call recordings for further training.
Quality management Simplify quality management by integrating metrics directly into Salesforce.
Workforce management Maximise productivity and customer service levels.
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Directly dial from Salesforce

Remove misdials and shorten the time between calls to create more time for meaningful conversations.
  • Automatically log all activity and call recordings
  • CLID presents a local number when dialling
  • Auto-dialling based on Salesforce lists and campaigns
  • Conveniently track and report activities with Salesforce tools and dashboards
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Conversation Analyzer

Dive deeper into the conversation and discover new findings with Vonage Conversation Analyzer.
  • Einstein Analytics integration helps visually segment and analyse conversations
  • Speech-to-text transcribes and logs calls into Salesforce objects, such as contacts, cases and custom objects
  • Automatic voice call analysis, spotlight trends quickly and assess your team’s compliance and product knowledge
  • Pair transcripts and metrics easily to help better understand a conversation
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