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Device Type: desktop

Secondary Line Appearance

Increase your productivity with Secondary Line Appearance that lets you answer and place calls from other extensions using your one desk phone. Monitor extensions, pick up or park calls as desired. 


By requesting this app, a note will be sent to your VBC Administrator for approval. Once approved, the app will appear on your VBC Desktop and Mobile App. All pricing is displayed in USD. Admins will view pricing in local currency by region.


Add a line to an existing phone and increase productivity without the need to purchase additional hardware. With Secondary Line Appearance, you can view the status of another extension on your phone's display (Idle, Ringing or On a Call) and take action as needed.


  • Select the extension from which you want to place a call and then simply dial the number
  • Answer an incoming call by selecting the relevant extension
  • Choose whether to hold a call on a specific extension or allow other extensions to join the call