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Visual Engagement

Video is the fastest-growing channel for customer service, and now it’s one of the many channels instantly available to Vonage Contact Center customers. As easy to use as any other channel, 1:1 video chat and screen sharing will elevate your customer experience to a new level of engagement.

Vonage Contact Center Visual Engagement


Easy Use 

Agents can initiate customer video interactions instantly with a single click, effortlessly migrate from voice to video, and show their status as busy automatically.


Easy to Supervise  

Supervisors can see in real time when agents are busy on video calls, view historical reports of video interactions and even control which agents have access to video.


True omnichannel

Your customers demand choices in terms of how they contact you, and increasingly, video and screen share are choices they expect. Add Visual Engagement to your overall suite of contact centre tools for a true omnichannel experience.

  • Video and screen share capabilities improve communication efficiency and engender trust.
  • With video as a native channel, it’s just one more piece of your centralised contact centre puzzle; it can be initiated straight from the ContactPad.
  • Benefit from a complimentary ecosystem of analytics, reporting, AI and more.


Increase Productivity and Save On Costs

Robust contact center features like video and screen share can reduce average handle time, expedite first contact resolution and lower the cost to serve.

  • Reduce the need for travel, saving on costs and compensating for travel restrictions
  • Reduce the time to resolution for happier customers and a lower cost to serve
  • Build trust and engagement, encouraging customer retention and loyalty
  • Impress your customers with your commitment to staying up-to-date with new technologies

PLUS screen recording, Conversation Analyzer, historic and real-time reporting, omnichannel, CRM integration, AI, and Vonage Business Communications offerings further complement our Visual Engagement solution.


  • Escalate to video and screen share from any other channel
  • Deploy at the click of a button
  • Accessible over web and mobile
  • Video interactions are recorded and can be viewed for up to 30 days alongside other interaction media
  • Video sessions can be branded with custom colors and logos
  • Reduces AHT for inbound interactions over any channel
  • Native within Contact Centre and CRM
  • Complements the Contact Center omnichannel ecosystem
  • Engenders trust to increase sales and CSAT

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Time for Customers to Be Heard AND Seen in Your Contact Centre
You’ve watched enough DIY shows to tackle a fence post repair yourself. But when you call the manufacturer, you get frustrated describing the problem. Given the omnipresent video calls with family and friends, wouldn’t it be nice to share a video with a contact centre so that you could be heard AND seen?