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List of main cookies used by Vonage

1st Party Cookies

Cookie Name Host Description
LPUKvonage.co.ukThis cookie is used to store the name of the website or search engine you have arrived from.
loginvonage.co.ukThis identifies when the user visits the login page and allows us to display relevant content on return visits.
cookie_policy_popup, countdown, maintenance_popup, offer_seenvonage.co.ukIdentifies if the user has seen relevant messages and displays if required (such as the end of an offer or scheduled maintenance work on the site)

1st Party for other services

Cookie Name Host Description
_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, s_cc, s_nr, s_sq, s_vivonage.co.ukGoogle Analytics/Adobe SiteCatalyst - anonymous tracking visitor use of the website - provides information on how the site is found and then used by each user.
da_lid, da_sidvonage.co.ukDecibel Insight - anonymous tracking visitor on-page behaviour - provides insight on how users behave on each page and enables us to make improvements to the site usability.
LPSID, LPSessionID, LPVID, LPVisitorID, LivePersonIDvonage.co.ukLivePerson - offers webchat services where relevant and shows anonymously the customer journey to enable the agent to provide assistance. Also enables relevant content to be shown on selected pages.

3rd Party Cookies

Cookie Name Host Description
_kuid_, _tmid, s, id, ud, uid, visitorId, axd, tisvonage.co.ukCookies that enable us to plan and implement relevant advertising campaigns
NID, PREFgoogle.co.ukGoogle tracking and safe browsing cookies