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Admin Portal

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Manage your entire phone system from one intuitive portal.

Admin Portal Overview

The Administrator Portal is a foundational tool that allows your company's phone administrator(s) to fully manage and customise the phone system – and monitor account activity in real time. Note that on the Enterprise side the portal is known as the Customer Admin portal, and is administered on a per location basis rather than an enterprise-wide level.

How Admin Portal Works

The online Admin Portal is available only to phone administrators designated by the business. (Other users on the system can manage their own extensions via the separate User Portal.) VoIP administrators can access the Admin Portal anytime – from any computer – using private login credentials.

Why you will like Admin Portal

  • Manage and customise phone system calling features
  • View employee call activity in real time
  • Add new extensions easily as your business grows
  • Purchase and add premium features and customise them to your business's preference
  • Track monthly billing and account updates/enhancements
  • Use Reporting & Analytics to track overall system trends and usage by extension
  • Attend live Admin Portal Training sessions for VoIP administrators to learn more and ask questions


The Admin Portal is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system.