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Call Forwarding

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Call forward to stay connected. Easy.

Call Forwarding Overview

Call Forwarding is a powerful feature that helps you and your employees stay connected. Many employees need to step out or travel from time to time, and call forwarding service helps them stay in touch when they are out of the office. Forward calls to a home phone or mobile number so you won't miss business calls when you're away from your desk.

How Call Forwarding Works

Our call forward feature is simple yet powerful. Every employee can easily control their call forwarding service from the User Portal, Admin Portal or from our mobile app.

Vonage Business incorporates a staggered call forward option called Follow Me that is a part of our "Never Miss a Call" suite, which allows employees to forward calls so their desk phone rings first for a selected amount of time, and then call forward to another number for a selected amount of time, before finally sending the call to voicemail.

Why you will like Call Forwarding

  • East to set up, and even easier to use
  • Cut down on missed calls when you're away
  • Manage call forward anytime from your user portal and mobile app
  • Easily direct how you forward calls when you're away from your desk


Call Forwarding is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Easily configure your call forwarding service from your desktop or mobile app.