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Custom Call Tagging

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Easily identify the origin of incoming calls.

Custom Call Tagging Ring Overview

Custom Call Tagging is a feature that allows users to add a unique call tag to individual numbers to distinguish calls. You can set custom tag assignments quickly and easily from our Admin portal.

Why you will like Custom Call Tagging

  • A feature included at no additional charge with every account
  • Easily identify the origin of incoming calls
  • Add a tag to distinguish incoming calls for various departments, companies, functions, etc
  • Ensure calls are answered with the appropriate response
  • Measure the success of a marketing campaign by running a report to see the popularity of a tag
  • Quickly and easily manage Custom Tagging through the admin portal
  • Tagging is not limited to phone numbers. You can tag extensions, virtual receptionists, call groups, and call queues.


Custom Call Tagging is included with your purchase of a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Easily setup and customise your call tags from the Admin Portal. If you need further assistance, our business phone system specialists are available to help 24/7.