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Follow Me

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Set up call following on multiple numbers and your calls come with you.

Follow Me Overview

Follow Me is a call following feature for business professionals who find themselves out of the office, but need to stay connected at all times of the day. It's part of our helpful "Never Miss a Call" options, which helps you receive calls, even when you're away from your desk..

How Follow Me Works

Follow Me is our answer to how to forward calls from one phone to another. Access your call following service through your User Portal, Admin Portal, or Mobile App for iPhone® and Android™. You can customise your phone to "follow" you by ringing different numbers.

View the example of how to set up call following above – you can set your phone to ring your desk handset for 10 seconds, then ring your mobile phone if there's no answer. If there is still no answer, the call will go to the voicemail of your choice.

Why you will like Follow Me

  • You'll maximise your availability for every call
  • You can keep your phones and devices ringing until the call reaches you
  • You can customise your call following service to which phones ring and when
  • Learning how to forward calls from one phone to another is simple


Follow Me is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Follow Me is easy, and can be managed through the User Portal.