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Shared Line Appearance (SLA)

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Monitor other extensions and answer on each other's behalf.

Shared Line Appearance Overview

If your office thrives on teamwork, our Shared Line Appearance (SLA) feature can give your team an additional boost. SLA allows employees to monitor the phones of other users on the account—similar busy lamp field functionality—and also lets them pick up or park those calls as desired.

How Shared Line Appearance Works

Consider how SLA can help sales organisations: enabling a rep to answer calls on other extensions when their colleagues are away, or putting calls on hold for another rep to pick up—simply by pressing the extension number on their own phone. Administrative assistants use SLA to monitor the boss's extension and answer calls on his or her behalf. Receptionists use it to monitor employee calls and answer, park or transfer them on the employee's behalf.

Why you will like Shared Line Appearance

  • Better meet customer expectations and cut down on missed calls
  • Increase call visibility and teamwork across your organisation
  • Provide more call-handling options to enhance service and streamline operations


Shared Line Appearance is an included feature that you get when you purchase a Vonage Business Cloud phone system. Setting up Shared Line Appearance is easy, and can be managed through the User Portal.