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A Frost & Sullivan White Paper

Business Cloud Communications

The Cornerstone of Digital Transformation

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Technology is at the core of nearly every business today, and the best companies leverage technological innovation to create new opportunities and even new markets for themselves. To compete, organizations of all sizes and in all industries are undertaking digital transformation efforts to streamline business processes and improve business agility. Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies, including advanced communications, to remove cumbersome obstacles to growth that have built up in an organization over time. Digital transformation initiatives aim to position businesses to not only better serve their existing customers, but also develop the capacity and capabilities to capitalize on new opportunities and markets. By rethinking and reimagining every step in the customer journey, from initial engagement through customer lifecycle management, businesses across the board are finding ways to leverage technology to improve or speed up the work they do.

As solutions vendors and services providers revamp their portfolios and strategies, and restructure their organizations to more effectively address customer concerns and objectives, the business communications market is also undergoing a profound transformation. Powerful, cloud-based communication and collaboration tools deliver unprecedented possibilities to connect with colleagues, customers, and partners. Frost & Sullivan believes that effective business communications, tightly integrated with core business workflows and applications, are fundamental to the success of every company. While this fact should encourage businesses to make communications a focal point of their digital transformation efforts, communications solutions are frequently overlooked when businesses launch their transformation projects.

This paper highlights key areas where an organization’s communications strategy intersects with its digital transformation efforts, as well as the benefits that communications transformation will bring to businesses. This paper also identifies the key factors to consider when evaluating cloud communications providers.

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In this whitepaper you'll learn
  • The important role communication transformation plays in driving business productivity.
  • What communications transformation is, and why it can be the foundation of digital transformation.
  • How communications transformation can become the foundation of digital change.
  • How connectivity supports transition.
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A Good Read For
  • Owners of smaller businesses
  • MDs or Executive Teams of larger businesses
  • IT or Telecom managers