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Keeping a Mobile Workforce Connected

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Mobile working

Mobile working is rising fast.

By 2023, almost 2 billion workers will be mobile, more than 40 percent of the entire global workforce.

  • 70 percent of employees work remotely at some point during each week
  • 53 percent work remotely for half of the week or more
  • In the EU and the US the figure is likely to be even higher at 75 percent

Grow your business faster

In a globalised world, fast-growing companies frequently take on new workers, or collaborate with partners, from every continent.

Many of these mobile individuals will never set foot in your HQ. Cloud business phone services let you connect new users instantly and give them immediate access to your entire communications suite – so nothing can hold back your ambitions.

Mobile working stats
In this infographic you'll learn
  • A growing mobile workforce is leading to increased productivity
  • Cloud communication is enabling the true potential of a mobile workforce
  • Web conferencing and integrating cloud phone systems with business applications delivers on the promise of a truly remote workforce
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A Good Read For
  • Owners of smaller businesses
  • MDs or Executive Teams of larger businesses
  • IT or Telecom managers