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Call tracking

Track call metadata for lead generation and marketing campaigns: and turn your calls into marketing.
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Gain deeper insights

Capture recordings and metadata from every call to measure and improve your marketing campaigns, including who called, the dialled number, the call length and more.

Generate better leads

Increase leads and improve lead quality by advertising virtual phone numbers in addition to web forms and email. Customers who call are more motivated buyers than those who email.

Route to the right agent

Route calls to the right agent the first time based on what number was dialled and even which billboard location generated the lead.

How call tracking works

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1. Advertise virtual numbers

Advertise a unique virtual number for each ad campaign, client or even each billboard location.
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2. Customers call

Potential customers see your ad and, if interested, dial the virtual number to reach your business.
Phone Analytics

3. The analytics run behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, Vonage APIs capture data about every call, including date and time, called and calling parties, call completion status, call duration, call cost and more.
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4. Gain actionable insights

You can gain actionable insights by generating reports about your campaigns from our dashboard or your own application using our Management APIs.

Why choose Vonage APIs for call tracking?

The highest-quality voice

Vonage APIs connect directly to the Vonage MPLS network and to tier 1 carriers that provide the highest quality voice services. In addition, with data centres in all regions of the world, our platform delivers very low latencies, improving the user experience for your applications.

IVR is built in to the API

The Vonage Voice API includes IVR capability so you can collect caller input with only a few lines of code. No need to set up a separate IVR system just to add a simple IVR script to the call flow.

Add new numbers on the fly

With Vonage APIs you can provision local virtual numbers programmatically as they are needed. No need to manually provision numbers each time you add a new campaign.

Adapt call flow dynamically

Because our Voice API supports dynamically generated logic (using Vonage Call Control Objects), you can adapt your call flows on the fly as your campaigns demand it. For example, your application might offer the option to request a return call if the queue length grows all of a sudden.

Split call recording

Vonage APIs will soon support the recording of each leg of the call separately. Recording is in stereo; one channel records what the user hears and the other what the user speaks. This separation significantly improves the quality of transcriptions so you can improve analysis and gain new insights.
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Call Tracking with Vonage APIs: Digital Marketing Meets Inbound Calls

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