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Call transcription

Transcribe calls to better understand your customers and improve their experience and turn recordings into actionable insights.
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Discover new insights faster

Recordings are helpful but time-consuming to analyse. With transcriptions, complete calls can be reviewed in a fraction of the time and analysed for keywords or topics.

Improve customer experience

With a history of conversations that can be analysed for keywords, you can assess and improve how you handle your customer support experience.
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Reduce training time

Analyse your calls to better understand customers’ needs and how agents can help meet them. With these conversations in place, new agents can learn from real-world examples of how to handle any situation.
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Meet regulatory compliance

Various regulatory guidelines mandate call record requirements, transcription can help meet compliance.

How call transcription works

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1. Enable audio recording

Applied to either conversations or conferences with single or multiple legs.
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2. Connect to transcription services

Leverage websockets to integrate a transcription service of your choice.

3. Your customers call you

Your customers call you and reach your contact centre. Optionally, add a simple IVR menu to your inbound call flow to enable callers to reach the right department directly. Once connected with the proper agent a recording will begin. Upon the completion of the call (whether with that single agent or multiple representatives) that recording will be analysed and transcribed to text.
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4. You call your prospects

You launch a telemarketing, collection or another outbound campaign. Like with an inbound connection, upon the completion of a call, a recording will be generated. That recording will be analysed and transcribed to text.

5. Gain actionable insights

With the conversations transcribed you can better analyse their contents searching for things like keywords to identify trends related to campaigns and customer engagement.
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6. Turn insights into action

These analysed findings can, in turn, be used to improve campaign performance and train both new and existing agents by highlighting best practices in addressing customers’ needs.

Why choose Vonage APIs for call transcription?

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Split recording

Split channels between agent and customer to see who said what easily and gain a complete view of the conversation.
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High-quality voice

Our platform connects directly to our private MPLS network and to tier 1 carriers that provide high-quality voice services. And with data centres in all regions of the world and our automatic location-based routing, our network delivers low latency and high reliability.
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Per-second billing

Pay only for the seconds you use: with per-second billing, you won't pay for unused partial minutes.

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