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Coach contact centre teams to success

Stop, look and listen. You can drop into any inbound or outbound call in progress directly from your CRM. You can also go whisper mode to offer on-the-spot coaching. Even review and pause call recordings to identify key areas and further mentor your team.

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Coaching features

The supervisor joins the call and can engage with the agent and customer. All three parties can be recorded.
The supervisor cannot be heard by either the agent or customer. Only the agent and customer can be recorded.
The supervisor can speak to and coach the agent live during the call. The customer does not hear the supervisor to minimise disruption. All three parties can be recorded.

Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags, analyses and logs calls into CRM objects, such as contacts, cases and custom objects.

Fun, game-type elements create engaging activities out of everyday tasks to encourage your team.
All inbound and outbound calls are recorded and accessible through a hyperlink. Supervisors can reference these recordings to help with ongoing training, issue resolution and more.
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The ultimate guide to inside sales
All good coaches need a plan. Explore the processes and structure your inside sales team need to track progress and improvement.
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Learn how Six Pack Abs used Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce, to train their teams to perform at the highest level.

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