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Enhance Salesforce HVS dialing capabilities within your contact center

Vonage provides dialing capability for your contact center, optimizes for outbound dialing, inbound call handling, and voicemail, offers invaluable analytics, and seamlessly integrates it all into Salesforce and HVS.

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Complete call activities from the work queue, with no further manual effort from the rep.


Dial from the work queue or click-to-dial from the record directly via the HVS Lightning component.


Progress leads and contacts through a cadence, based on dispositions set within the Vonage Log.
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Upgrade your dialing capabilities

Vonage is one of the few contact center vendors to offer an officially recognized Salesforce HVS integration
  • Get deep business insights
  • Lower your hold time
  • Gain advanced call functionality
  • Discover best practices
  • Take advantage of global call coverage and plans
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Available globally, Vonage CTI and ContactPad

With click-to-dial functionality—sit natively within Salesforce. Global Voice Assurance complements ContactPad by:
  • Leveraging a caller’s or agent’s local telephony infrastructure (wherever its located)
  • Using the most efficient path to route calls
  • Providing exceptional call quality

HVS integration key benefits

Impeccable call quality to and from any country worldwide.
Distribute calls globally, consolidating administration and reporting.
Salesforce Lightning Dialer is only available in the U.S. at an additional cost.
Take advantage of auto call recording for compliance, auto CLID for increased pickup rate, and auto disposition for reduced handle time.
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Conversation Analyzer’s Additional Salesforce HVS Enhancements:

  • Monitor daily activities, identify trends, and uncover deep business insights
  • Identify keywords and trends
  • Uncover agent best practices and areas for targeted improvement by analyzing and scoring all calls for cross talk, talk time, call events, and insights
  • Leverage Einstein AI for dashboards, reporting, and decision-making based on data in Salesforce
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