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Upgrade to RCS business messaging for Android users

With, you can send rich business-to-consumer messages and interact with your shoppers one-to-one using Google RCS Messages client for Android devices.

Chat bubbles with various ecommerce options
A customer redeeming a promo via SMS

Increase response rates with imagery

By including images in your mobile promotions, your customers are more likely to notice your message and respond.

Add to cart from SMS

Shorten your sales cycle

Make it easy for shoppers to confidently make quick, on-the-move shopping decisions in a distraction-free conversational environment.

Two-way chat depicting material selection

Simplify customer engagement

Leverage conversational bots in combination with live agents to give your shoppers an optimal shopping experience.

Choosing clothing style via SMS

Make consumer surveys interactive and fun

Use rich media in your customer surveys and make responding as easy as tapping on the screen to gather richer insights.

Two SMS conversations with powerful features

Deliver updates straight to their mobile devices

From order and shipping updates to new product or service announcements, you can deliver interactive messages to your customers in their ‘Messages’ inbox.

Never worry about syncing it all

Keep your catalogue, orders, shipping, payment information, and customer data secure, integrated, and updated at all times, across your enterprise-wide systems.
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