25 UK & Ireland Attendees You Should Meet at Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2014 is nearly here, and 140,000 of us will be arriving in San Francisco shortly for the biggest Cloud Computing event ever!

I have compiled a list of the attendees from UK & Ireland that we should all meet at Dreamforce. See more details and tell me your suggestions by using the Twitter Hashtag #DF25.

The list features people in the salesforce.com community that are based in the UK, such as Cohan Daley (NewVoiceMedia) and Keir Bowden (Aka Bob Buzzard – ‘Certified Everything’). And also those that have left the UK/Ireland to live and work around the globe, such as Fergus Griffin (SVP Product & Solutions Marketing at salesforce.com) and Catherine Simmons (Senior director of Dreamforce).

Check out the graphic now on NewVoiceMedia's Dreamforce microsite!

Phil Walton
Phil Walton

Phil Walton is a freelance consultant, working on salesforce.com projects for over 10 years. He is one of only two salesforce.com MVPs in Europe, and runs the Salesforce North England User Group. Phil also writes a weekly Salesforce Blog, reviews AppExchange Apps, and compiles useful lists of ‘people to meet at…’.

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