3 Business Communication Solutions and Strategies to Empower Global Growth

American businesses are growing. As noted by The New York Times, both job numbers and wages are on the rise, continuing a trend of steady growth over the past four years. This is good news for organizations and employees alike, with businesses hoping to jump-start new opportunities as workers look for increased compensation and stable futures. A bullish market makes this possible, but it comes with a caveat: How do companies make sure they're ready for the organizational and procedural challenges that come with new growth? The right business communication solutions can help ease this transition. Here are three strategies to help empower global growth:

Business communication solutions are critical in the event of a merger or acquisition.

1. Cloud Clarity

The quickest way for companies of any size to make the jump from local sales to international markets is through the cloud. The ubiquity and maturity of this market now makes it possible for organizations to tap a powerful, global network that lets them purchase, sell, and cultivate new customers anywhere, anytime. The challenge is ensuring employees are able to collaborate across time zones, geographic regions, and satellite offices. If staff members can't quickly respond to customer questions or advance project objectives, the growth potential of the cloud is a non-starter.

Meeting this challenge demands cloud collaboration tools that provide intuitive access to needed services. As noted by Associations Now, despite the availability of these advanced collaboration tools, email remains the primary method of communication among staff. The reason is simple: These tools don't always provide the content and communication services staff expect. Your best bet is to look for a cloud collaboration solution that offers value-added services such as automatic data collection, integration with CRM tools, and the ability for users to meet (and work) in real-time, regardless of their locations.

2. Acquisitions Opportunity

Another popular growth vector is mergers and acquisitions. With startups more common than ever before — and many angling for eventual mergers or buyouts — there are big opportunities for businesses looking to scale up their global presences without building new infrastructure and processes from scratch. Of course, smooth merger integrations don't just happen — they require conscious and considered effort by organizations to ensure new staff members and the old guard can effectively work together, improved processes migrate into everyday workflows, and both public investors and private stakeholders know exactly where the businesses are headed.

However, using traditional communication tools such as phones, emails, and press releases can only get you so far — and can leave the C-suite and staff at odds over exactly what's happening, when, and why. As noted by Business.com, one pillar of a successful merger is a well-defined chain of command that determines who is in charge, what that person's responsibilities are and what the responsibilities are for all employees at each level in the chain.

Establishing both an effective hierarchy and communicating necessary information to both staff members and stakeholders at large becomes much easier with the adoption of unified communication tools. These business communication solutions can help take business interactions to the next level with integrated mobility support, HD video collaboration options, and custom contact center solutions. The bottom line is that mergers and acquisitions provide a fast lane for business growth, but only if staff, stakeholders, and the C-suite are all on board.

3. Conscious Effort

It's also possible to grow your organization the old-fashioned way: by putting in the work to organically grow your brand, drive word-of-mouth, and increase customer loyalty. However, without the right communication tools on tap, team members are stuck with a catch-22 of how to drive business growth with communications solutions that can't scale up to meet demand. As a result, it's worth considering specific communications services such as on-demand call recording, visual voicemail, or a Voice over Internet Protocol-based phone system. These empower employees while simultaneously streamlining processes. With business growth now a priority and global markets expanding, putting in the effort can drive big business gains.

Are you ready for growth? Digging deep, considering the cloud, or opting for acquisitions are all viable routes. Do you need business communication solutions to support your company at scale? Choose collaboration, invest in unified communications-as-a-service, or get specific to meet emerging needs.

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Doug Bonderud
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