5 Business VoIP Features to Start Using Right Now

No doubt, many business owners making the switch to a business VoIP phone system are asking themselves: What took me so long?

After all, most are seeing immediate and eye-popping monthly savings. And the crystal-clear connections and hassle-free efficiency of VoIP are certainly refreshing – not to mention the freedom of leaving behind that closet-full of wires required by their old legacy phone system.

While new VoIP customers may love their phone system, many have yet to discover the advanced features that can bring them new and profound business advantages. This wealth of agile VoIP phone system features is so intuitive and easy to build into daily business operations, it’s a shame not to.

The fact is: If you’ve switched to a state-of-the-art business VoIP provider – you’ve now got features and capabilities at your fingertips that your legacy phone system just wasn’t built to support. It’s a brave new world to be leveraged!

So let’s take a look at five of the top features your new VoIP system delivers right now. And more importantly, let’s talk about digging in and utilizing these features as soon as possible:

Call Continuity

Perhaps nothing keeps executives and IT managers up at night like the thought of extended downtime. That’s what Call Continuity is all about – maintaining service through unforeseen events such as a power outage or a disruption in Internet service. With Call Continuity, the system detects such events and automatically reroutes calls to pre-specified numbers for each extension (including cell numbers, if preferred). When the event is over, normal routing is automatically reinstated. While Call Continuity is comforting, the feature is not fully enabled until backup numbers are set within the system’s admin portal. It’s an easy setting that your company should get to immediately.

Dynamic Caller ID

The Dynamic Caller ID feature allows you to present a phone number of your choosing for outbound caller ID. Want to be sure a client recognizes your number even if you are calling from a different department inside your office? Maybe you want your number to appear local even though you’re making a cross-country call. No problem! Just assign a code for each of your numbers then use that code to select the one you want displayed during your outgoing call.

Mobile Application

With a leading-edge Mobile App, your mobile device is an extension of every tool you have at your disposal in the office. It’s an invaluable feature for companies with active remote workforces, or for any day an employee is unable to make it into the office. The mobile app provides the full functionality of your desktop in your pocket wherever you go, so you can listen to your company phone voicemail or check your extension’s call log, as well as perform numerous other important tasks while you’re on the go. It’s a transparent feature, so no one you speak to is aware you’re not in the office.

Call Monitoring

With this feature, you can help train or coach employees by monitoring calls for quality purposes and reviewing performance. With a secret PIN, you ensure only the employees you pre-select can use the Call Monitoring feature. You also have the option to use a customized legal announcement configured from your account portal. While employees are on calls, the administrators you select can:

  • Monitor an employee’s call. You’ll be muted so that neither party can hear you.
  • Whisper to employees to help them handle a challenging call. Only your employee can hear you with this feature.
  • Barge, or jump in mid-call to assist both parties.

Desktop Plugins

A desktop application integrates your business VoIP phone system with your computer desktop – giving you more control and power than ever. The Desktop also supports a series of powerful Plugins that help you leverage the business-class tools you already use – such as LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, Quickbooks, Outlook and more. When you download the Desktop and begin using your favorite Plugins, many of which are free, you’ll gain incredible insight into each incoming and outgoing phone call. It’s the kind of productivity that wasn’t possible with your old legacy phone system. But now it is!

Small to medium-sized businesses continue to look for competitive advantages, which is why so many opt for top-quality business VoIP phone systems. But once the system is in place, it’s worth your time to discover the many features you now have – built in and ready to go – that will help your organization compete and win.

Did we leave out any of your favorite business VoIP features? Let us know!

Written by Vonage Staff

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