Building Our Predictive Analytics Platform

by Tom Lee, Fliptop

The modern marketer’s technology stack is complex and diverse. Quite often MarTech tools are not easy to use or understand, requiring substantial training, support and time in order to gain any real value. This leads to one of the biggest problems that B2B software companies face. The amount of time a marketer needs to invest in new tools, or even evaluate them in the first place, eliminates the software from consideration and purchase. What we are seeing is the easier, more scalable the tool is, the quicker the adoption (see Slack’s rapid adoption).

I’m often on sales calls where I hear that the marketer simply does not have the time to integrate yet another new tool, or that they’re already feeling overwhelmed by the number of tools currently used. Coupled with the fact that most marketers are daunted by the terms “machine learning” and “statistical modeling” and you begin to understand why we at Fliptop decided it is imperative to build a platform that is as easy to approach and use as possible.

At Fliptop, we believe that the more complex the problem, the more straightforward the solution needs to be.

I frequently hear horror stories of companies purchasing a predictive solution only to wait nine months and still not have a live, implemented predictive model in place. Alternatively, while the model may have worked well for the first couple months, when it came to making modifications, these companies were left in the lurch, unable to get assistance from the vendor. Can you imagine buying a marketing automation system and having to call the vendor every time you want to launch a new email campaign? Excluding Fliptop’s customers, that’s exactly what many companies have to do today when they want to adjust how their predictive solution operates.

I have always said that we are building a predictive analytics platform, but at times it can be difficult to show what this really means. Recently, we announced a partnership with NewVoiceMedia whereby the Fliptop platform will power a predictive solution for its customers, enabling sales organisations to score leads and opportunities within their pipeline based on over 5,000 individual internal and external data points.

Fliptop’s platform-first approach, coupled with leading data science, has allowed us to build a true predictive platform that will continue to scale with our client and partner needs. This approach has now been proven in the market many times over and our customers have seen up to a 35% increase in sales, and substantial improvements in conversions throughout their sales and marketing funnels.

The reason we are able to quickly scale out our solution to NewVoiceMedia’s clients is that Fliptop’s architecture is built on a modern, proven technology stack. When designing a new feature, we build it with customer (marketer) usability in mind. The end goal is for features to be operable independently, without having to rely on Fliptop’s engineering or customer success for support. We want to be able to hand our platform to customers in a state where they can fully configure their system from the start, independently managing ongoing changes as they see fit.

Read about NewVoiceMedia and Fliptop’s partnership, here.

Fliptop uses data science to help companies close more sales. Read about NewVoiceMedia and Fliptop’s partnership at

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