Business Cloud Services: 3 Things Your Employees Can Do From Anywhere

Think business cloud services are only for big companies? Not so fast. The cloud can offer flexibility and speed that helps small businesses provide a higher level of service and response for their customers, too.

Want to take an impromptu ski vacation this weekend? Has your top sales associate been looking for plane tickets to an exotic island? Maybe another employee has a child with the flu and has no backup child care. However, there are major client deals in the works or big projects on the table that need to be attended to. As much as you want to accommodate both your employees and yourself, you just can't afford to have people out of touch right now.

Instead of everyone being chained to their desks, you and your employees can have the best of both worlds. The cloud provides your team access to all the tools needed to stay in touch with colleagues and customers no matter where you choose to work.

Here are three ways that business cloud services can help you and your employees work from anywhere:

  1. Talk or text with customers using a business identity.

    You're sitting on the beach with your favorite book when your biggest customer calls. You want them to think you're sitting at your desk instead of warming your toes in the sand. With business cloud services, you can forward your calls to whatever device is in hand while ensuring that your customer sees the same business profile that's displayed when you're in the office — and hopefully the customer will believe that the sound of crashing waves is just your cubicle mate's white-noise machine.

  2. Access a familiar desktop.

    You're sitting in the ski lodge when a team member needs you to look at a document. Instead of having to fumble around to find what you need, you can log on to your virtual desktop on your tablet or whatever device you choose — even a computer in the hotel business center — and see exactly the same desktop as back in the office. You now have the tools needed to do your job in between ski runs.

  3. Use company tools or data.

    It used to be that your tools were installed on your hard drive, making it challenging to do your job from anywhere else. However, with cloud computing, your company can install all tools to the cloud, allowing any employee to access them with a simple login. Whether they are waiting for the cable company to come or sneaking in some work while their sick child naps, employees will no longer have to skip over any items on their to-do lists because they can't access the necessary software.

It's hard to balance work and personal life, but cloud communication makes it much easier to ensure that you get the relaxation you need, or the time to take care of your family, while still providing top-quality service to your customers.

Whether your team members are at home, on the road, or in the office, the cloud can provide the flexibility they need. Contact Vonage Business to learn how.

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