Call Monitoring Named as the INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year

We have another reason to be proud of our new Call Monitoring service! This morning, we announced that we had received the INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year award for our monitor, whisper and barge functions that allow authorized account holders to listen in on employee calls to help train or facilitate during conversations.

TMCNet's annual awards honor products that "demonstrate vision, leadership, and attention to detail." When asked about his take on this award for the company's innovative service offerings, Vocalocity's CEO, Wain Kellum, said "We are dedicated to delivering the very best communication tools for our customers, and work diligently to develop innovative products to support their needs. It is exciting to be recognized for our delivery of these products for the third consecutive year with INTERNET TELEPHONY’s Product of the Year Award. Our Call Monitoring feature directly addresses our customers’ needs and helps to enhance their capabilities for client engagement and training while increasing productivity.”

If this is your first time hearing about Call Monitoring, check out our overview of this training tool or read how to get started if you're a current customer.

We use Call Monitoring in our own office to help employees communicate better to customers - how do you use Call Monitoring in your office to monitor (silently listen in on), whisper (talk to your employee without the other caller hearing) or barge (assist a conversation with both parties hearing you)?

Written by Vonage Staff

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