Call Recording Benefits: 4 Scenarios Where Call Recording Saves the Day

Ever wish you knew exactly what happened during a controversial customer service call? Hate trying to find a pencil to write down information when taking calls on-the-go? Call recording benefits your small business by providing a higher level of service to customers.

Here are four scenarios in which call recording benefits small businesses:

1. Training New Employees on Examples of Excellent Customer Service

There is no substitution for learning on the job when it comes to handling customers. By using company-wide recording, you can set rules around which extensions you record, such as all of your customer service phone lines. Recordings are usually captured in the cloud and are available for you to access online anytime. Not only can you send a recording out to a whole team if you hear a great example of stellar customer service, but you can play back recordings as you coach new employees on what they did right and what they could have done better during real-life calls. Plus, your workers will always be on their toes because they'll know there is a good chance you're listening.

2. Needing to Take a Customer Call On-the-Go

Say you are in the car and a potential customer you've been trying to track down for weeks finally calls you back. You pull over, and since you have call recording through a mobile app, you turn on the recorder and take the call. Then, when you get back to your desk, you can listen to the call with your user portal and transcribe all the important details about the customer's needs. No more hunting for a pen on your floorboard, or ending up with chicken-scratch notes from writing against your steering wheel.

3. Handling an Upset Customer

Customers get upset. It happens. When on the phone, employees often know that irate customers are going to call their boss immediately after they hang up. When you have a recording option on your phone system, employees can simply hit the on-demand recording option during the call so their supervisor can hear exactly what happened. This way, they'll know how to handle the upset customer with the he-said, she-said game taken off the table. Plus, if necessary, the employee can be coached for future calls.

4. Running Late for a Team Meeting

Say your team needs to have a gathering to figure out delivery dates for a big project and sets up a conference call. But, of course, someone is running late. Your team can simply record the conference call so the missing team member can listen later. You're not spending extra time playing catch-up with the latecomer and everyone has the necessary information.

By using call recording throughout your business processes, it can make a big difference to both your employees and customers. When in doubt, just record the call.

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