How to Capitalize on the Demand for VoIP Business Phone Service

Partner Programs Deliver Robust Revenue Opportunities

All resellers and communications providers share a common challenge – finding ways to add more recurring revenue. But adding another revenue stream for a new product or service typically requires a lot of money up front.

So, what if you could add more revenue without incurring significant expense? What if you could just jump on the bandwagon of an already-popular offering and begin to see profits quickly? What if someone literally gave you all the tools you needed to start selling in an industry that is exploding?

Enter Vonage Business.

We have developed three programs for our channel partners, communications providers and customers that offer great opportunities to capitalize on the growing movement to VoIP business phone service. In fact, these programs are already proving to be a rich source of ongoing, additional revenue for many of our partners. Take a closer look at our three partner program opportunities:

Enterprise Partner Program

Our Enterprise Partner reseller program is a well-supported, commission-based way for resellers to add another recurring revenue stream by selling Vonage Business services. Enterprise partners receive all the training and marketing collateral needed to close deals. The best part: As sales grow, so do partner profit levels.

Wholesale Partner Program

The Wholesale Partner program lets reseller partners offer VoIP business phone solutions, their way. That means capitalizing on the increasing popularity of VoIP – without incurring significant capital expenditures – and leveraging the partner’s own brand and reputation to gain and maintain sales momentum. For our wholesale partners, we offer two implementation types:

  • White Label: Partners can create a solution using administrative tools included in the Vonage Business platform and operate using our network connectivity and infrastructure under their own brand.
  • Network Integration: Partners can integrate their network connectivity with our cloud-based VoIP functionality, allowing them to use their network and available minutes as their solution infrastructure.

Preferred Partner Program

Our Preferred Partner referral program is one of the easiest ways to generate income simply by recommending our VoIP business phone services to fellow business owners. Here, preferred partners can focus on their core business, but still generate additional profits just by letting their professional network know the benefits of using Vonage Business for their business phone needs.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, revenue: Partners introduce a potential customer to Vonage Business – and let us take it from there. Then, they earn an up-front payment for the sale. It’s that simple.

More Partner Support

We continuously add enhancements to our channel partner programs with initiatives that focus on partner sales enablement and empowerment, including these recent additions:

  • Campaign syndication that enables resellers to select the collateral and promotions that best serve their customers and prospects.
  • Affiliate linking program that provides preferred partners with banner ads and tools for capturing leads directly on their web site.
  • New tools for customer account registration and lead tracking.

Ready for more revenue? Visit /partners/ to learn more about partnership opportunities and expanding your profit structure. To contact a representative directly, call %tfn.number%, or email [email protected].

Jim Regan Contributor

Jim is Senior Director of Channels and Vertical Markets at Vonage Business Solutions, responsible for all aspects of the channel program. He has spent the last seven years developing and managing reseller programs in this space. When he isn’t working with partners, he’s chasing his two kids or trying to play golf.

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